It’s a Small World –or– Thank God for ALL Favors

I met Colin last October.  He is restoring his two houses a few doors down from the rental house.

He had found some of my Uzerche pins and started following me on Pinterest before my move here earlier this year.  When I noted my blog on Pinterest he started reading it.  So he knew who I was prior to our meeting.  Small World!

I happened to be walking by after he read my post The To Much To Do List; he offered to help and mentioned he would be going in to Brive in a day or two and could take me along.

I accepted his offer and we went into Brive on Tuesday.  He had a couple of stops so he showed me around those stores so I would have an idea where to find some of the things I would need as I progress through my more advanced to do list.  (Yes I have more than one list.)  We also looked around some other shops in that area.

Conforama, the furniture store that I wanted to visit, was on the other side of Brive so we headed there only to discover that they were closed for a typical French two hour lunch.  We went into the town center and had lunch while we waited for the store to reopen.

The parking turned out to be an adventure.  We got the ticket when we arrived.  After lunch we put the ticket in the slot at the kiosk and it said no charge.  I didn’t see further instructions so we drove up to the gate but the arm didn’t go up.  We parked again and watched others put the ticket in a slot by the gate.  But now our ticket was in the machine at the kiosk; so how do we get out???  I asked someone who was getting ready to leave and they turned out to be very helpful.  There was an intercom at the kiosk but the attendant didn’t speak English so the fellow I asked explained our situation.  We were able to retrieve the ticket from the kiosk then proceed to the gate to put it into that slot and finally exit.

It was a little worrisome for a while not knowing how we were going to get out.  But thanks to a very nice and patient French couple we were finally on our way again.

Conforama had reopened after lunch and I was able to order a sofa-bed for delivery.

The store charges a delivery fee per item not per delivery so Colin put the other items in his van and took them to my house.  I selected a small refrigerator (about 85 cm. high) so it was easy to manage.  I picked up a couple of other items that he transported for me as well.

We were right next to a supermarket so I was able to pick up what I wanted for my Christmas dinner without having to make the trek to one of the markets in Uzerche.

This was all immensely helpful and to me a huge favor.

I gave Colin a tour of my house when he brought the things in.  As it turns out he is quite handy with a variety of tasks and does some local work so I now have another resource when I am ready to move forward with additional work in the future.

The following evening I went to Jo’s for a Christmas Eve-Eve dinner.  I spent a very pleasant evening with Jo and two of her neighbors.  Great food and wonderful company.  The next day she drove me back to Uzerche and is letting me borrow a few items, a hot plate and a toaster oven, and gave me a few other things I can use.

I am very thankful, not just for the favors that people are doing for me, but for the people I have had the privilege to meet and, I hope, call friends.




About Joie du Voyage - Joy of the Journey

I'm following my long term dream of retiring in France. I arrived in France June 2015 and moved into my new house on New Year’s Eve. I’m experiencing challenges with ongoing renovations but it hasn’t dampened my spirit. Now I’m settling into life here, joining in the local community, enjoying visits from family and friends, and exploring other areas of France. * My personal motto: Don’t take life too seriously - or eternity too lightly. *
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One Response to It’s a Small World –or– Thank God for ALL Favors

  1. Mary says:

    I too am very thankful for the great people you’ve gotten to know since you’ve been there. Please give them my thanks, as the daughter who’s thousands of miles (aka much too far) away!!


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